Our state-of-the-art technology and our people make RDT the most compelling retail technology company to partner with for your business. Our long-standing customers are a testament to our entire staff’s commitment to providing superior customer service, and our quality of work is second to none. As a privately owned business, we answer to our customers first. Every minute of every day our entire organization is focused on our customers, and in today’s fast-paced retail marketplace, we respond quickly and efficiently to our customer’s requirements.

That dedication and commitment is how we’ve grown our business and retained 100% of our customer base in the past 10+ years.

As important as our people are, it’s also about our technology. Below is a high level list of key features of the RDT Retail System that benefit our retail customers every day.

Centralized, Real-time Inventory Management.

The RDT System has one centralized database to manage your inventory throughout your retail stores, wholesale clients and Production/Open to Buy. The RDT System consolidates your two production/sales systems into one, integrated system. This consolidation eliminates duplicative data entry and potential data integrity issues. Our centralized database gives you the power to manage your data seamlessly and in real-time, delivering operational efficiency for retail merchants to compete in today’s fast-paced retail market.

The RDT system infrastructure is a true “thin client” system, there is no need to have servers in your stores, just one central server in the corporate office/data center.

With RDT, your stores and corporate back-office will have instant updates on sales, receiving, price changes, and much more; no polling or scheduled data synchronization is required. A customer could make a purchase during lunch in “store 100” and her loyalty points will be available throughout the chain instantly. To ensure business continuity, if your data connection is down, your stores will continue to operate as normal, and once connectivity is restored the system will upload all transaction to the central server, and vice-versa.


Mobile POS includes the power and functionality of a traditional retail POS cash register into a mobile device that allows you to service customers anywhere on the sales floor. Conduct sales transactions, process secure credit card payments, and print receipts. From the mobile device, review customer information and add new customers, look up items, and determine product availability and pricing to provide the personal shopping experience necessary in today’s fast-paced retail market.


A key advantage to the RDT System is the dynamic, robust reporting capability. Our centralized data warehouse and extensive reports are included in the base system. From Sales, to Loss Prevention and Inventory Management, the RDT Report Writer also enables executives to quickly customize their reports based on preference, along with proactive reporting that is delivered to individuals on a scheduled basis. Knowledge is power, and the timeliness of that knowledge provides our customers with effective insight into the overall operation of their retail business, so they can respond quickly to market and in-store trends.

Loyalty, Gift Registry And Gift Card.

Loyal customers are the heart of your on-going success, and RDT delivers the features that make your shoppers feel at home when in your stores. From Loyalty programs that reward your faithful customers, and Gift Registry to support those special occasions, RDT gives you the tools to build customer loyalty and keep them shopping at your brand. RDT also supports Gift Cards, which are easily managed internally within your POS, no need to work with third party systems. These features are clearly becoming expected services for progressive, customer centric retailers

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

RDT CRM gives you the ability to create targeted direct marketing campaigns and advertising. Since all sales transactions and customer information are located in one database the CRM system has sufficient data to create campaigns based on specific customer purchase habits.

company news and updates

November, 2012

C & A Marketing acquires group of Ritz Camera & affiliates stores, and deploys RDT in all their stores.

November 20, 2011

Additional Store: Toys4U a current customer, has now implemented the RDT Retail System in a 3rd store.

August 1, 2011

System Enhancement: New shelf label management application. The application ensures that the correct price is on the shelf label. This resolves a major issue in the supermarket industry.

July 15, 2011

New Customer: NPGS, a New Jersey based supermarket chain selects RDT Systems for their POS and back office operations.

May 16, 2011

System Enhancement: Document office application. This application enables the retailer to attached critical hard copy documents in electronic form to relevant inquiries; apply an invoice to the related purchase order inquiry.

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Since 1999 RDT Systems has been providing retail technology solutions for small to medium size retailers. RDT is focused on implementing advanced technology with a competitive price/value proposition.

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