Toy retailers have many of the functionality required in general retail systems. RDT has packaged a solution to accommodate some of the unique challenges to the toy retailer. The toy retailer must find ways to compete against many of the big box toy stores, customer relationship management and loyalty systems have proven to be effective tools.

Increasing the communication with your customer during key times of the year ensures that they will not forget you when decided to purchase their next toy. RDT customer master functionality allows the retailer to capture pertinent information; the child’s birth date, gender, sales history and brand/manufacturer loyalty.

The RDT CRM has standard templates for report analysis and email blast for birthday celebrations. The toy retailer could set a standard process to automatically generate an email blast or post card mailing for all birthdays in a given month. The RDT membership club and wish list solutions can be used by Toy retailer to create a birthday wish list that the birthday person is sure to enjoy.

The membership clubs and wish list functionality could be easily configured to the retailer’s ecommerce website. RDT gift card management solution is used by our retail partners to ensure future sales and potential for another loyal customer.

The RDT point of sales system is tightly integrated with the back office application, this allows for special messaging during the check out process. Products that require batteries, warranty and companion products are easily identified and can be messaged to the cashier during the check out process.

We give our toy retail partners the benefits of:

  • Fast transactions
  • Product upsell messaging
  • Accompanying product/accessory messaging (batteries, warranty, etc)
  • Membership club functionality
  • Dynamic loyalty points program
  • Wish list capabilities
  • Integration with ecommerce websites
  • Dynamic gift card management solutions
  • Receiving process with or without purchase order
  • Dynamic creation of purchase orders at the time of receiving
  • Retail time inventory lookup through the chain

company news and updates

November, 2012

C & A Marketing acquires group of Ritz Camera & affiliates stores, and deploys RDT in all their stores.

November 20, 2011

Additional Store: Toys4U a current customer, has now implemented the RDT Retail System in a 3rd store.

August 1, 2011

System Enhancement: New shelf label management application. The application ensures that the correct price is on the shelf label. This resolves a major issue in the supermarket industry.

July 15, 2011

New Customer: NPGS, a New Jersey based supermarket chain selects RDT Systems for their POS and back office operations.

May 16, 2011

System Enhancement: Document office application. This application enables the retailer to attached critical hard copy documents in electronic form to relevant inquiries; apply an invoice to the related purchase order inquiry.

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Toys4U is a competitive neighborhood toy store, competing with the large big box toy stores. Their retail operations includes multi-store chain and full ecommerce web presence. They have taken advantage of the many advanced features available in the RDT System.