Apparel and Footwear retailers have several unique requirements including the size, width, color, material matrix. Each item has multiple inventory groups to accommodate the versatility of the fashion groups. With the growing competition within this vertical, many retailers are taking advantage of effective customer relationship management and loyalty solutions.

The RDT item master and inventory management system is design to display information at all levels of the item master. The system allows you to group the items by size, color, material or any other grouping. The item matrix has up to 6 levels of distinction. This gives the apparel/footwear retailer more flexibility within their matrix configuration.

The dynamic reports allow the back office user to create several views to perform in depth analysis. The data includes open to buy analysis, suggested replenishment based on several inventory methods, robust sales analysis and vendor analysis reports.

RDT real-time connectivity gives the apparel/footwear retailer to maximize their stock position via inventory transfers, store to store send sales, and pay to pick up transactions.

The RDT CRM and loyalty solutions give the apparel/footwear retailers the ability to increase customer sales volume and visits based on direct targeted marketing programs.

We give our apparel/footwear retail partners the benefits of:

  • 6 level item matrix
  • Reports at all matrix levels
  • Multiple bar codes per item
  • Case pack size management
  • Multiple unit of measure for purchase and sales transactions
  • Store to store inventory movements
  • Complete chain inventory availability
  • Strong inventory movement audit controls
  • Integration with RFID technology
  • Sales audit functions
  • Inventory audit reports and analysis
  • Mobile cycle count

company news and updates

November 20, 2011

Additional Store: Toys4U a current customer, has now implemented the RDT Retail System in a 3rd store.

August 1, 2011

System Enhancement: New shelf label management application. The application ensures that the correct price is on the shelf label. This resolves a major issue in the supermarket industry.

July 15, 2011

New Customer: NPGS, a New Jersey based supermarket chain selects RDT Systems for their POS and back office operations.

May 16, 2011

System Enhancement: Document office application. This application enables the retailer to attached critical hard copy documents in electronic form to relevant inquiries; apply an invoice to the related purchase order inquiry.

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